Iakovos Koukas Named 2021 Global Genius Directory Award Winner

The 2021 Global Genius Directory Award has been given to Iakovos Koukas in recognition of his contribution to the high IQ world successfully managing the Genius High IQ Network.

Iakovos Koukas is the President and Founder of: THIS High IQ Society, 4G High IQ Society, BRAIN High IQ Society, ELITE High IQ Society, 6N High IQ Society, NOUS High IQ Society, 6G High IQ Society, NOUS200 High IQ Society, GIFTED High IQ Network and GENIUS High IQ Network.

He is Author of Fiction Novels, Philosophical Essays, Poetry Collections and Scientific Papers regarding Quantum Physics, Cognitive Neuroscience, Genetic Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. He is Author of: GIFT High Range IQ Test and GENE High Range IQ Test. Iakovos Koukas is the Fellow of the United Sigma Intelligence Association.

He is Highly Creative and High IQ Individual (IQ 208 sd15); WGD Genius Of The Year Award Winner – Europe; VEDIQ Guild Intellectual Leader Of The Year 2019.