Benoit Desjardins Named 2022 Global Genius Directory Award Winner

The 2021 Global Genius Directory Award has been given to Benoit Desjardins, MD, PhD in recognition of his contribution to cognitive science and artificial intelligence with achieving a very high IQ score.

Dr Desjardins is a Fellow of the American College of Radiology and of the American Heart Association. He is Full Professor of Radiology at the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League university in the US.

Originally from Montreal, Canada, he was fast tracked to medical school, bypassing undergraduate training, because of exceptional intellectual abilities. After medical school, he was awarded Canada’s most prestigious research fellowship to pursue graduate studies in the US with top scholars, including a Nobel laureate, combining Theoretical Artificial Intelligence, Pure Mathematics, Formal Philosophy and Theoretical Physics. He then completed his post-graduate medical training in Diagnostic Radiology in Pittsburgh and at Harvard and started his academic career at the University of Michigan. He is now Full Professor at the University of Pennsylvania with expertise in noninvasive cardiovascular imaging and is co-leader of the Arrhythmia Imaging Research laboratory. Their NIH-funded research has been focusing on medical imaging in cardiac electrophysiology. He is very active in numerous scientific societies, especially RSNA, AHA and ACR.

He is both a specialist and a polymath. He earns his living as an academic radiologist and university professor, but he also pursues many activities outside radiology. He has expertise in Artificial Intelligence (his PhD area), expertise in Cybersecurity (he holds CEH and CISSP certificates) and has been a computer programmer and white-hat hacker for decades. He has advanced knowledge in mathematics, computer science, physics, engineering, and biology. He has been a Black Belt at Tae Kwon Do, a Boy Scout leader, and a competitive marksman. He is a member of the prestigious Mega Society, Prometheus Society, and Olympiq Society.

He currently has three main areas of activities, in which he works and on which he speaks nationally and internationally: (1) Cardiovascular Imaging, (2) Cybersecurity in Healthcare, and (3) Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. He will be a Visiting Professor at Stanford University in artificial intelligence during the Spring of 2022.