Who’s Who of the World ≥ IQ 170

About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Global Genius Directory is to list high IQ scores ≥ 170 in order to establish the most accurate and reliable high IQ ≥ 170 directory in the world.

We recognize that there are too many high IQ lists, offering different standards. However, there is certainly credible information among them. The Global Genius Directory compiles the reliable information and makes the most reliable list ≥ IQ 170.

The Global Genius Directory does that, by creating a reliable database and providing necessary resources from all the credible high IQ listings in the world.

The Global Genius Directory believes in creating a reliable high IQ directory, and therefore the Global Genius Directory is employing and organizing the public domain data with revealing the relevant reference clearly.

High IQ Score

Listing Guidelines

I. Only IQ 170 (SD15) or higher scores are listed.

II. Scores only allow 1st and 2nd attempts.

III. Scores not listed on any of the reference lists are not listed. Or otherwise, scores should be sent to the Global Genius Directory to list.

IV. Only untimed high range IQ test scores are listed.

V. Only tests where information can be found on a valid website are listed.

VI. Test scores with leaked answers are not listed.

VII. Final scores (latest norm) and overall scores are listed, and the sole scores of the subtests are not listed.

VIII. A score of 190 or higher can be obtained by only one person in one test. If more people come out, only those with the highest score are listed.

IX. When multiple people score more than 190 points in a test, the first person to take the test is listed.

G.G.D. Award

The Global Genius Directory Award is annually bestowed upon a respected high IQ figure who has contributed to high IQ world and encouraged high IQ people.

Tom Chittenden
2021 Award Winner

Kirk Butt
2021 Award Winner

Iakovos Koukas
2021 Award Winner

Benoit Desjardins
2022 Award Winner

Ronald K. Hoeflin
2022 Award Winner

Karyn Peters
2022 Award Winner

Evangelos Katsioulis
2022 Award Winner

Board of Directors

The Global Genius Directory is run by representatives of high IQ societies and creators of high range IQ tests.

Bryan Kim
United Giga Society

Masaaki Yamauchi
Esoteriq Society

Iakovos Koukas
6G High IQ Society

Domagoj Kutle
Venus High IQ Society

Nick Soulios
High IQ Test Creator

Mislav Predavec
Generiq Society

Eva Chan
HKIME (Memory)

Ivan Ivec
Ultima IQ Society

Kirk Butt
World Genius Registry